Our Purpose

Promote fellowship, education, standards of methodology, and preserve records

Operating Year: January - December 2024

Board of Directors

President:Roberta Griset
Vice President:Jeff Carter
Secretary:Bill Buchan
Treasurer:Virginia Majewski
Member At Large #1:Paula Doherty
Member At Large #2:Jim Hindes
Member At Large #3:Sandra Lytle
Past President:Paul Wessel

Roberta Griset

Jeff Carter

Virginia Majewski


Education:Roberta F. Griset
Finance:Paul Wessel
Fund Raising:Roberta F. Griset
Library:Karen Mitchell
Newsletter:Consuelo White
Obituary:Carol Foss
Pioneer Families:Gail Porter
Research Coordinator:Virginia Majewski
Technology:Paula Doherty
Volunteer Coordinator:Jackie Jardine-Moore
Webmaster:Consuelo White

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